Other things I do

I'd be delighted to work with you on any HR, OD, L&D or leadership topic. Below is a list of the kinds of things I've recently been involved in. If you'd like to discuss any of these or any other ideas where you think I could help, please get in touch at gary.cookson@outlook.com or via social media. 

Training and teaching

I also deliver CIPD qualifications, tutoring on distance learning programmes for some providers and providing one on one tutorial support for anyone studying in any format.  If you need help with one of these qualifications let me know.

I am actively involved with mentoring aspiring HR professionals via a number of routes and am always happy to pass on my experience in this way - if this appeals, get in touch.


In my blog and for other publications I have covered a wide range of topics and would be pleased to develop these further, or to write on any other topics. Recent topics include:

- Performance management
- Appraisals
- Using data in HR
- Amazing workplaces
- Employee engagement
- Social media
- Flexible working
- Health and wellbeing
- Organisational culture
- Employment law
- Succession planning
- Inductions
- Leadership
- Coaching
- The future of work
- The future of HR
- Work/Life balance
- Mobile working
- Mentoring
- Gamification
- Knowledge management
- Process improvement
- Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
- Improving the effectiveness of the HR function
- Internal Communications
- Reward, recognition and feedback
- Employer branding

I have also been an official blogger at events such as the CIPD Annual Conference in 2015, 2016 and 2017, ACAS NW Leading the Way, and the HR Directors Summit in 2016 and 2017. If you'd like me to cover an event and blog and use other social media to promote and cover the event, let me know. 


I've been pleased to present at conferences and events on a range of topics for a variety of organisations. These include:

- Improving employee attendance and tackling absence

- Process improvement in organisations
- Building an effective and award winning HR team
- Managing a job evaluation project
- Tackling worklessness
- Employee engagement
- Using social media in HR
- Why HR should move away from rigid policies and procedures 
- Amazing Workplaces
- Equality and Diversity in SMEs
- The role of HR in mergers and acquisitions
- The future of work
- The future of HR
- How to get internal communications working to improve employee engagement
- The role of health and wellbeing in promoting individual and organisational effectiveness
- How to achieve work/life balance
- Being a working parent

If you'd like to get me involved in speaking on these or another topic at an upcoming event, please contact me.