Thursday, 14 January 2016


I haven't blogged on this site since Xmas Eve and a bit of a rant about a dilemma I had. It's the longest I've gone without putting up a new post since I started this blog last year. 

But I haven't been lapsing. I've just been elsewhere. 

I've been branching out and blogging on some other sites.

My first foray into guest post blogging happened on 26 December with a post as part of the superb Advent Blogs series by Kate Griffiths-Lambeth. I had been inspired by some of the posts last year and this, and decided I wanted to share something myself. So I wrote THIS post on my experiences being interviewed for jobs in the last year. It was very personal, as many of my posts are, and received really nice feedback from people who read it. It sits well with the overall theme and I'm pleased I was able to contribute and offer something. I hope I'll be able to do so in future too. 

My second foray was for theHRDirector magazine where I'm now one of their regular bloggers. I did a post that went live on 5 January covering mergers and acquisitions from the HR, and specifically the human, perspective. You can find it HERE. I enjoyed writing this too and it was a more serious and less personal post than some I've recently done, and in some ways plugs a talk I will be giving on 4 February at the HR Directors Summit on this subject, something I'm looking forward to immensely. I hope to be able to write more posts for TheHRDirector in the coming months. 

My third recent foray into guest blog posts went live this week on Gem Reucrofts' excellent fitness blog. It's only loosely related to HR but it covers a large part of my non HR life and my passion for fitness training. I hope that it shows how my mind works and showcases how I regularly make links between fitness training and HR work, as well as highlighting my availability for personal training advice in the future! You can find the post HERE and I'm grateful to Gem for giving me the opportunity and the platform on her developing new blog. 

And that's it for now. My next set of posts will be back here on the usual range of topics, including my thoughts as I prepare to take up a new role in February.

Till next time. 


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